OH COVID-19 Risk Assessment

OH COVID-19 Staff Risk Assessment

During the pandemic we have evolved our Staff Individual COVID-19 Risk Assessment to be as comprehensive and applicable as possible using the latest evidence and guidance. The tool is aimed at identifying staff who are very high risk (clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV)), high risk, increased risk or no increased risk to ensure appropriate work placement.

We have now incorporated the latest evidence by using the COVID age tool. This evidence based tool enables better assessment of multiple risk factors. Further details can be found at https://alama.org.uk/covid-19-medical-risk-assessment. Shielding advice, pregnancy and vaccination history are also incorporated in assessing individual risk.

We are asking all staff to re-assess their risk using the new digital COVID-19 Risk Assessment. This will allow the staff member to understand their own individual risk factors. Advice is available on the CUH staff portal for any additional workplace considerations or adjustments required.

Key changes incorporated in the new digital COVID-19 Risk Assessment:

The outcome process is:

Further advice:

If the staff member is not in agreement with the outcome of the digital COVID-19 Risk Assessment or they require further advice or guidance, this can be indicated on the form as part of the digital assessment, following which they will be contacted by Occupational Health and Wellbeing. Alternatively, Occupational Health and Wellbeing can be contacted at ohschelp@addenbrookes.nhs.uk or on 01223 216767.

Data / record storage:

Cambridge University Hospitals and Royal Papworth Hospital line managers are required to record the outcome (group 1, 2, 3 or 4) of their staff members Risk Assessment on Health Roster for purposes of managing safe deployment. For other employers we would suggest that you record this information in line with your local guidance.

If a staff member has any future changes to their health status it is important that the digital COVID-19 Risk Assessment is repeated to review if there are any changes to their risk group.

All health data will be held electronically by Occupational Health and Wellbeing for 12 months on a secure system for the purposes of managing the individual's risks associated with COVID-19. Any reports generated, including health information that has informed the risk assessment outcome, will be uploaded and stored on the individual’s occupational health record and retained in accordance with standard retention and destruction schedule.


Please indicate your consent to the process using the checkbox below and then select the relevant staff group from the buttons at the bottom of this page to start the Risk Assessment. CUH staff will be asked to login using their usual CUH username and password.

I agree that any information I record in the digital Risk Assessment can be managed as detailed above with a summary report to be provided to my manager.

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